Why Did House Dancing Leave the Club?

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    20 Jul 2021
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    Music in order of appearance: Willie Graff & Tuccillo - To The Music (DJ QU rmx) [Strength Music Recordings] 2018 Black Corsairs - Thak’s Dub [Worldship] 1997 Teflon Dons - Inbetweener's Dilemma [Must Have Records] 2016 DJ QU - Liquid Beats [Strength Music Recordings] 2013 Teflon Dons - Damn Mosquitos! [My Love Is Underground] 2016 DJ QU - Picazón [Strength Music Recordings] 2018 Teflon Dons - Zu Mountain (Dub) [Must Have Records] 2016 DJ QU - Step Back Up [Strength Music Recordings] 2011 Teflon Dons - Eve Of The Freak Styles [Worldship] 1996 Production credits: Narrator: Turtle Bugg Writer: Max Pearl Script supervisor: Turtle Bugg Editors: Sophie Misrahi, Guy Clarke Camera: Patrick Elmore Dubbing Mixer: Guy Clarke Special thanks: DJ Qu, Caleaf Sellers & Tony Mcgregor, Krystine Walker Extra footage: Cutting Records Diane Martel - House of Tres underground dance fun Satelliet Studio Caleaf Sellers Caprice87 Paul McKee The Kennedy Centre Carloscda40 Andres Torres Thump DJ SCOTTO - NASA/Shelter Alphonso STEPZ Thomas Summer Dance Forever House Dance Forever Koppi Mizrahi MainStreamDance Stringz313 Giova Breakill ExNaStYx20 SAV SAV
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