Terre Thaemlitz: Give Up On Hopes And Dreams

  • Words
    Resident Advisor
  • Published
    29 Jun 2021
  • Photo Credit
    Crew Producer / Director - Patrick Nation Director Of Photography - Sophie Misrahi Camera - Sam King Sound Operator - 高田凛 / Rin Takada Production Coordinator - 早川みどり / Midori Hayakawa Translator - 下山光順 / Kojun Shimoyama Story Editor - Lawrence English Dubbing Mixer - Guy Clarke Graphics - Jono Canning Discussion materials / Terre’s work Object #22 (video) - What’s Opera Doc? Object #08 (video) - Silvia Rivera speech Terre Thaemlitz - Silent Passability (Ride To The Countryside), Couture Cosmetique [Comatonse Recordings] 1997 Object #14 (audio) - Canned laughter Terre Thaemlitz - Lovebomb, Lovebomb [Mille Plateaux] 2003 Object #6 (audio) - Yamaha DX100 ‘JazzOrg’ preset Terre Thaemlitz - Canto I: Rosary Novena for Gender Transitioning, Soulnessless [Comatonse Recordings] 2012 Object #4 (text) - Samuel Delany - Times Square Red, Times Square Blue Terre Thaemlitz - Canto III: Pink Sisters, Soulnessless [Comatonse Recordings] 2012 Object #16 (text) - Queer school regulations written by a group of teachers and students Terre Thaemlitz - Systole.011, Interstices [Comatonse Recordings] 2001 Terre Thaemlitz - Admit It’s Killing You (And Leave): Sound/Reading For Gay Porn, Deproduction [Comatonse Recordings] 2017 Object #15 (video) - Miwa Akihiro and Mishima outing scene from “Kuro Tokage (Black Lizard)”
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