Real Scenes: Melbourne

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    18 Nov 2019
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    Music In Order Of Appearance: Sleep D & Albrecht La'brooy - After The Rain [Analogue Attic] 2017 Aquagen - Ihr Seid So Leise! (Video Mix) [Dos Or Die Recordings] 1999 [Used With Permission By Gmg Music] Morgan Wright - The Stab [Pelvis Records] 2019 Andras - Honeybird [Beats In Space Records] 2019 Wilson Tanner - Crossing The Bar [Efficient Space] 2019 Ben Whiting - Unreleased Sui Zhen - Another Life (Live) [Cascine] 2019 DJ Logic 1000 - Please Forgive Me [Sumac] 2018 Evol - Wabbit Trax [Diagonal] ‎2018 Lou Karsh - Trouble In Paradise [X-Kalay] 2018 Sleep D & Albrecht La’brooy - Improvised Set @ Native Plants Albrecht La'brooy - Healesville (Featuring Badskin & Joseph Batrouney) [Apollo] 2019 Harvey Sutherland And Bermuda - Priestess (Live) [Clarity Recordings] 2016 Fia Fiell - At The First Clear Word [Nice Music] 2018 Tornado Wallace - Today feat. Sui Zhen [Running Back] 2018 Rings Around Saturn - Decompression [Voyage] 2019 Buy tracks from the film here. Production credits: Director/Camera/Editor - Sophie Misrahi Associate Producer - Georgie Thompson Executive Producer - Aaron Coultate Colourist - Adam Clarke Dubbing Mixer - Guy Clarke Production Manager - Bella Catling Additional Camera - Pedro Kuster Additional Footage - Thomas Pollard, Unknown Vision - Enamoured Iris, Ryan Sauer, Visit Victoria Still Photography - Onepuf/Tommy Groves, Hugs&Kisses, Lounge Special Thanks: 3rrr Adrian Bell Alex Albrecht Axel Bowman Cane Trott Chris Gill Daniel Teuma Ewan Harding Georgina O'Connor Gus Carmichael Jamie Bennett Jennifer Loveless Jeremy Spellacey Kim Hallis Lachlan Stuckey Laura Christoforidis Lauren Squire MESS Myles Mac Nick Murray Patrick Donovan Piknic Electronik Pjenne Rambl Rings Around Saturn The National Gallery Of Victoria Thomas Pollard Tom Moore Tom Trago Toni Yotzi Tristan Hallis Umut
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