EX.008 DJ Spinn / Chrissy Murderbot

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    Nov 19, 2010
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  • Two of Chicago's finest purveyors of juke and footwork sit down to talk about the genre.
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  • Over the past few months, you may have heard the terms juke and footwork enter into the wider musical lexicon courtesy of tracks and compilations from the likes of Addison Groove and Mike Paradinas' Planet Mu. But the genre has been around for a number of years in the Chicago area. It's been a unique and local phenomenon with stars that are only now coming to the world's attention. Chief among them is DJ Spinn, who was one of the first producers to turn what had previously been called ghetto house on its head. Sleazetone label boss Chrissy Murderbot, who releases footwork, UK bass, electro and just about anything else on his imprint, is both outsider and insider. He grew up in the Midwest, but only recently moved to Chicago to pursue his passion for house music and its mutant offspring full-time. On the ground in the city, he provides a unique perspective as one of the earliest people to connect the dots, laying the groundwork for the explosion of interest in juke and footwork by the UK bass community and beyond. We caught up with both recently to get an insight into the history of the music, the city and where it all goes from here. For more, check out RA's The evolution of footwork feature, which details the history behind some of its biggest DJs, producers and tracks.
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      DJ Spinn - lol RP Boo - Baby Come On RP Boo - Munsta from Kavain Space Beta SP - Bacteria (Chrissy Murderbot RMX) Chrissy Murderbot - Braaain Chrissy Murderbot - Break U Off DJ Clent - Bounce Chrissy Murderbot - Jiggle DJ Spinn - U Don't Need Waxmaster - Footwork Delorean - Real Love (Chrissy Murderbot Juke RMX) DJ Rashad - Itz Not Rite DJ Rashad - Roy Ayers Show DJ Slugo - Where The Rats Traxman - Pacman DJ Deeon - Debo Juke Slide DJ Spinn - Jazz 4 Ya Azz LF DJ Spinn - I Really Feel DJ Rashad -Try2B! DJ Lil' Tal - Pop Yo Back DJ Spinn - Studio Addison Groove - Footcrab Juketastrafe - Girl I Make Yo Booty Drop Chrissy Murderbot - MF House Chrissy Murderbot & DJ Spinn - Bussin Down