EX.073 Marc Schneider

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    20 Jan 2012
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  • One of the founders of wordandsound takes us through the ins-and-outs of distribution.
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  • Superstar DJs might be the face of electronic music, but it's lesser-known individuals that actually keep the scene running. Marc Schneider is one of these people. As a founder of wordandsound, one of Europe's biggest house and techno distributors, he's been on the front lines of the record industry since the mid-'90s. He also happens to be fantastic DJ, a local favorite in Hamburg and Berlin, though he tends to keep a low profile elsewhere. We caught up with Schneider specifically to talk about the record business earlier this year in Berlin. In his chat with Will Lynch, Schneider offered valuable insight from inside the world of distribution about why vinyl will never die and starting a new imprint.
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