EX.067 Woody McBride

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    Dec 9, 2011
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  • A Midwestern rave warrior opens up.
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  • In certain circles, Woody McBride is a little bit of a legend. Although he had clear forbearers, he is one of the chief reasons that the Minneapolis scene is regarded by techno heads as one of the strongest in America. Huge outdoor raves in the middle of America were soundtracked by his hard, acidic take on techno during the mid-'90s. His connection with the pioneering Drop Bass Network and its Furthur parties in Wisconsin is perhaps the best remembered, but McBride has also done his own thing with a series called Bassgasm. He talks about the sublimity of subfrequencies, his aborted basketball career and why he's only now coming to grips with the digital revolution in this extremely candid interview.
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      Woody McBride - The Birdman - Communique Records Woody McBride - Guten Timen - Full Flavor Music