EX.626 Sadar Bahar

  • Published
    8 Sep 2022
  • The house and soul legend discusses collecting vinyl and growing up in Chicago's 1970s funk heyday.
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  • In this live edition of the Exchange, Resident Advisor's Deputy Editor, Chloe Lula, speaks to Chicago house and soul DJ Sadar Bahar ahead of his DJ set at Dekmantel 2022. Bahar is an avid collector of rare vinyl, possessing one of the world's biggest vinyl collections. The artist has embodied the vinyl-only ethos since growing up in Chicago in the '70s—the heyday of gospel, funk, and jazz soul in the US. He started the party Soul In The Hole with Lee Collins, which embodied and celebrated his passion for what he calls "real" music—music made by "real" musicians playing "real" instruments—and is still actively touring and spreading the spirit of Chicago house at sets around the world. He and Lula discuss kinship among collectors, the origins of Black funk and the instrumentation that brings this singular genre to life. Listen to their conversation in full.