EX.625 Eli Escobar

  • Published
    1 Sep 2022
  • A New York veteran discusses the art of throwing weekday parties and producing without samples.
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  • In many ways, Eli Escobar represents the soul of New York nightlife. He can literally play any genre, often jumping from Afrobeats to house to disco in a single session—a wide-ranging style that's unique to the city and tangible on his recent RA podcast. First emerging on the scene in the late '90s, he's built a reputation for consistently drawing loyal crowds without ever compromising on his personal style and his long-running parties are every promoter's dream. Live from Nowadays, the native New Yorker speaks to staff writers Kiana Mickles and Nyshka Chandran about his decades-long career. From growing up during the '80s and '90s to holding down weekly residencies, Escobar reflects over his time in the industry while sharing valuable lessons for up-and-coming acts, including why it's ok to take one's time as a producer. For details on his hip-hop background and why he thinks Brooklyn will remain New York's nightlife capital, listen to the full conversation.