EX.591 Relaxer

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    30 Dec 2021
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  • Riding the wave from DIY hardcore to DIY dance music.
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  • Daniel Martin-McCormick's life in music has traced and reflects a larger cultural arc in American underground music in the past two decades. Beginning in Washington DC with the post-hardcore band Black Eyes, Martin-McCormick was involved in writing and releasing two albums on the city's historically significant label Dischord Records, founded by pivotal figures Ian MacKaye and Jeff Nelson of Minor Threat and Fugazi fame. A move to California and a growing interest in dance music saw the formation of Mi Ami, something of a halfway house between band dynamics and the hardware-centric electronics which would come to define Martin-McCormick's later work. In these days dance music still felt like "a dream" to new fans from a band background who had to figure out how it was made and learn its tropes both in a performative context and with primitive software like Audacity. This evolution led to his first fully-fledged dance music project Ital, known as a Planet Mu staple in the early 2010s, and more recently Relaxer, which has seen Martin-McCormick return to Planet Mu with a new LP, Concealer. In conversation with Matt McDermott, Martin-McCormick reflects on his personal experience of the transition from DIY band to DIY dance music, and having a front row seat to a more general cultural change in the country's music scenes.
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      Relaxer - Narcissus By The Pool [Planet Mu]