EX.542 Lawrence Lek

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    21 Jan 2021
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  • The multimedia artist soundtracking the singularity.
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  • The artist, filmmaker, and musician Lawrence Lek creates uncanny, speculative worlds deeply altered by technology. His creations vary from simulated environments to dystopian Brexit simulators, conspiracy theory video essays to AI coming-of-age tales, and site-specific video games. The soundtrack to Lawrence's latest film, AIDOL 爱道, was released by Hyperdub last November, and follows previous OST releases accompanying his own works such as Temple 寺庙 and Geomancer. Lek caught up with Martha at the end of 2020 to speak about IKEA, architecture and rendering, the legacy of the millennium bug and AI as an avatar of human otherness.
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      Lawrence Lek - Unreal [Hyperdub] Lawrence Lek - Intro (My Single Isn't Finished Yet) [Hyperdub]