EX.489 Jumpin Jack Frost & Shy One

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    20 Dec 2019
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  • Exploring the intergenerational links of UK sound system culture.
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  • London DJ and producer Shy One's earliest musical memory was her mother playing a mixtape from drum & bass DJs Storm & Kemistry. The track that stood out most was "Burial" by an artist named Leviticus. It was originally released when she was three years old, but over two decades later, she happened to identify the producer as the crucial jungle DJ/producer Jumpin Jack Frost. He just so happened to be friends with her father Trevor Nelson and godfather Jazzy B, two towering figures of UK dance music that proved to be a guiding influence on the young Frost. It's an uncanny example of the intergenerational webs marking the history of UK sound system culture. These connections and sound system culture's greater impact on the UK are explored in the new book Bass, Mids, Tops: An Oral History Of Sound System Culture. For the Exchange this week, the books' author Joe Muggs brought Frost and Shy One together for a conversation that elaborates on the book's themes and provides personal perspectives on the community connections powering sound system culture. Photo credit: Birgit Kaulfuss
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      Ruffkut - London Massive Ubik - Move Your Body