EX.460 Andreea Magdalina

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    30 May 2019
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  • The founder of shesaid.so tells her story live at the second edition of Full Circle.
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  • Since launching in 2014, shesaid.so has grown into an international network for women working in the music industry. It's fifteen global chapters, located everywhere from Mumbai to LA, include well over 10,000 members who collaborate on strategies for promoting gender equality, diversity and inclusion in their local music communities and workplaces. Apart from lobbying for equal pay, throwing events and running one-on-one mentoring programs, the network strives to show both the business and cultural sectors that equal opportunity is always in their best interests. For this the second edition of Full Circle, RA's series of talks celebrating women in music, Martha Pazienti Caidan speaks with Shesaid.so founder Andreea Magdalena to hear about how she grew the network from a grassroots level to an international concern. The RA Exchange is also available on Spotify.
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      Calibre - The Swell Delphine Dora and Sophie Cooper - L'avenir Le Dira