EX.427 Legowelt

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    11 Oct 2018
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  • Live with the Shadow Wolf at Dekmantel Festival.
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  • When we think of Legowelt, we imagine Danny Wolfers holed up on the Dutch coast in a house taken over by synths. Capable of finishing albums in a matter of days, he's released a prodigious amount of music since the mid-'90s and has steadily become a nigh-on revered practitioner of blunted, cosmic house and ambient esoterica. Despite inspiring whole sub-genres as Legowelt, the project has managed to encompass much more than music. Wolfers is synonymous with synthesisers, developing a penchant for overlooked digital devices from the early '90s and arcane machines like the harmonium and Mixtur Trautonium. He's also something of an underrated visual artist, creating several bizarre and humorous covers for his Nightwind Records label. Then there's the visibility he's given to cyberzines and pre-Internet sub-cultures in general. His Shadow Wolf zine captures the DIY energy of the bulletin board system era, giving a host of dance music fans an insight into an often-overlooked world. Recorded live during RA's conference program at Dekmantel Festival, the conversation passed through all these facets of Wolfers' identity, giving us a look into the constellation of interests that have shaped an artist who's left a real mark on dance music.
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      Rising Sun Systems - I Was Born In A Valley Of Freaks Zandvoort & Uilenbal - De Zuidwester Loert