EX.416 Titonton Duvante

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    26 Jul 2018
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  • We hear about the comeback of one the Midwest's most creative producers.
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  • As dance music cycles come and go, so too do the artists. Producers who have been working in relative obscurity for years are given new rounds of reissues, tours and releases, introduced to new audiences by the deep-digging DJs who had been spinning their tunes for years. Titonton Duvanté, one of the most innovative producers to emerge from America's Midwest techno scene, is currently enjoying a fresh bout of interest. Alongside the likes of Charles Noel and Todd Sines, he spent the '90s and '00s crafting a trippy, jazzy and minimal style of dance music, finding a home on labels such as Planet E, 7th City and Metamorphic. Two decades on from his first releases, a new generation of DJs have turned Duvanté's classic records into hot commodities. He's also rebooted his Residual Recordings label with a string of reissues and new productions. RA's Matt Unicomb sat down with Duvante before a gig at Club De Visionaere to talk about his history and the steady return to the spotlight.
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      Titonton Duvanté - Lick Titonton Duvanté - Fetish