EX.411 Feminism, social media and marketing

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    21 Jun 2018
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  • This edition of ://about blank's Amplified Kitchen series tackles how the internet is shaping activism.
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  • Debates regarding gender, race and class seem to have been increasing in recent years. Younger generations in particular have used the internet and social media as tools for activism and education, successfully forming collectives, debunking persistent myths and raising awareness of systemic oppression. But while the moment seems unprecedented, older activists and feminists will recognise these same conversations from decades past. In this edition of the Amplified Kitchen, recorded at ://about blank with support from Musicboard Berlin, different generations of feminists explore and debate the pros and cons surrounding the intersection of feminism, social media and marketing. Moderated by Christine Kakaire, it brings together Susanne Kirchmayr AKA Electric Indigo, founder of veteran dance music feminist platform female:pressure, We Make Waves co-founder Caoimhe McAlister and Izzy Barreiro, a member of the Kunq and Discwoman collectives performing under the name stud1nt. Together they attempt to prise apart the tricky topic of how best to use social media in the pursuit of an equitable and just electronic music community.
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      stud1nt - Suture Electric Indigo - 4.31Hz