EX.389 Building Creative Ecosystems

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    18 Jan 2018
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  • Recorded live at Loop with Discwoman's Shyboi, stud1nt and DJ Haram.
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  • It's common for budding producers and DJs to feel isolated in the large and indifferent modern music industry. Artist collectives offer an antidote, providing a much-needed support network and a space for exchanging knowledge. At their best, collectives transcend their individual members and become avatars for a sound, an attitude and a set of political ideas. The importance of artists collectives was explored in a series of discussions at Ableton's Loop conference, held at Berlin's Funkhaus complex last November. Titled "Building Creative Ecosystems," the talks were held with representatives of Butterz, Through My Speakers and Discwoman, with a mind to shed a light on the inner-workings of each collective. This week's Exchange was recorded live with Discwoman's Shyboi, DJ Haram and stud1nt, who discussed how the collective's commitment to "Amplify each other" provides a banner of visibility and strength for female and non-binary artists. Moderated by Andrea Goetzke, the talk asks the question of how collectives make decisions, overcome challenges and the ways they provide artists with a community context where they can thrive both as individuals and with their peers.
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      DJ Haram - Body Count Shyboi - Anansesem