EX.038 Akufen

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    6 Jun 2011
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  • Microhouse's man of many monikers.
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  • Regarded as an electronic innovator following his pioneering 2002 debut album, My Way, Marc Leclair, AKA Akufen, gradually retreated from the limelight. After a lengthy release gap he returned in 2010 with Aurore; a fairly dark, unsettling EP under his Horror Inc. alias, a sound far removed from his largely jovial, tongue-in-cheek work as Akufen. Under his Horror Inc. alias—the "yang" to his inaugural Akufen pseudonym and outlet for the artist's more personal productions—Leclair resurfaces in 2011 with a new live show and a forthcoming album on Perlon. As part of our Live Exchange series at Mutek, RA's Todd L. Burns talked to Marc LeClair in front of a live studio audience in Montreal last week. Photo credit: Jean-Sebastien Roux