EX.347 Max Cooper

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    Mar 30, 2017
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  • Where music, science and art converge.
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  • Electronic music has always been fascinated by scientific imagery, but few artists know the practice of scientific research as intimately as Max Cooper. Where a techno artist might name track titles after constellations or galaxies, Cooper, who has a PhD, makes music informed by scientific processes. Having risen to prominence with 12-inches on Traum and Fields, Cooper has come full circle in the past few years, merging his passion for electronic music, visual art and science. The Emergence project, which is both an album and a live audio-visual show, brought this to fruition. It's based on the concept of emergence, which describes how complex phenomena arise from simple forces—termites building networks of tunnels and hulking structures for their nests being a classic example. In this in-depth conversation with Holly Dicker, Cooper describes the process of using emergence to inform making music and visuals, and his growth from researcher to much-loved electronica artist. Cooper plays at this year's DGTL festival in Amsterdam, which takes place Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th of April.
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      Max Cooper - Order From Chaos Max Cooper - Seed feat. Kathrin deBoer (Ash Koosha Remix)