EX.341 Henning Baer

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    16 Feb 2017
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  • Grounded in techno.
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  • In 2004, a fresh-faced Henning Baer arrived in Berlin. 21 years old and from the small city of Koblenz in Germany's west, he quickly immersed himself in Berlin's techno scene, buying records and visiting clubs every weekend. Soon enough, Baer and a friend, Micha Baldé, hatched plans for a party of their own, and in September 2009 launched Grounded Theory, a semi-regular event that became one of Berlin's most popular techno nights. As his renown as a DJ and producer developed, Grounded Theory grew into a multifaceted agency, leading Baer to the difficult choice of either prioritising his business or pursuing his passion. He chose the latter and has since started a label to boot. A skilled DJ, Baer has honed a rhythmic, razor-sharp style that takes in techno new and old, and now travels abroad for gigs most weekends. Baer sat down with Matt Unicomb in RA's Berlin office for a chat about his career so far, looking back at his initial fascination with techno and subsequent transformation into one of the style's top DJs.
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      Henning Baer - Fighting The Dogs Henning Baer - DNA