EX.032 Matthew Herbert

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    6 May 2011
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  • The UK's electronic raconteur talks food, pigs and Cafe De Flore.
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  • Matthew Herbert once said that he has few peers. He didn't say it in an arrogant way, mind. He simply meant it's hard to find electronic artists that record drum sets in hot air balloons. Or ones that attempt to record the entire life cycle of a pig. Or ones that sneak into the Houses of Parliament for the sake of their art. It's fair to say, in fact, that there's no one like Matthew Herbert at all. Whether it's his jazz-tinged deep house with Dani Siciliano, his work with his big band or his more explicitly experimental work of late, Herbert's career defies categorization. The only phrase to describe him is "relentlessly curious." We tend to call ourselves the same at RA, so we caught up with the producer at his home near the seaside in Whitstable, about 45 minutes outside of London, to explore his work in-depth.
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      Herbert - Something Isn't Right - !K7 Doctor Rockit - Cameras and Rocks - Clear Herbert - Oo Licky - Phono Herbert - Moving Like a Train - !K7 Herbert - The Last Beat - !K7 Orange Lemon - The Texican - Idlers Steve Reich - Come Out - Nonesuch Doctor Rockit - Café De Flore - Lifelike The Matthew Herbert Big Band - The Three W's - Accidental Herbert - Around the House - !K7 Radio Boy - Quaker Oats - Onitor Herbert - Leave Me Now - !K7 Matthew Herbert - Leipzig - Accidental The Matthew Herbert Big Band - Breathe - Accidental Matthew Herbert - Kerstin Basler - Accidental