EX.318 Ivan Smagghe

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    8 Sep 2016
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  • Resisting the normal with an eclectic selector.
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  • For over two decades, French DJ, producer and label owner Ivan Smagghe has been railing against the dictatorship of any single sound in the club. Fed up with the domination of house and techno, he cofounded the Kill The DJ club night and label in the early 2000s as a means to play an encyclopaedic mix of sounds that spoke to his own diverse tastes. But Smagghe's relationship with music stretches further back into the past and beyond dance music: apart from regular DJ gigs and producing as part of Black Strobe, he worked at Paris's Rough Trade record store and interviewed over 400 artists as a presenter on Radio Nova. He's sometimes described as a record digger but Smagghe doesn't have the pedantic edge of the über vinyl nerd—indeed, he recalls losing 30,000 records in a fire with relative nonchalance. These days, Smagghe goes about his work with a dose of healthy procrastination, letting new projects, like a new album as It's A Fine Line, slowly germinate without external pressure. In conversation with RA's Ryan Keeling, Smagghe describes his love-hate relationship with club culture, decries overanalysing DJing and navigates the boom and bust cycle of genre hype. In Smagghe's eyes, 2016 is a great time to be playing weird music.
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      Alias ‎– Civil Defense (Ivan Smagghe Re-Edit) DJ Bertrand ‎– Fuckin' Filter (Ivan's Cube Cleaning Dub)