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    11 Aug 2016
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  • From prog house to major labels with an ascendent London duo.
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  • Few artists in dance music today can claim as meteoric a rise as Dusky. Within five years, Nick Harriman and Alfie Granger-Howell have grown from music hobbyists into one of the most popular acts in club music. Their break came via Swamp 81's Loefah, who played "Calling Me" on his Rinse FM show. It was an interesting example of the kind of cross-pollination that was sweeping the UK at the time— a former dubstep kingpin playing deep house on one of London's foremost urban stations—and it introduced the world to the duo's widescreen sound. From there, Dusky rode the wave of the UK's resurgent house scene, helped along by ubiquitous weapons like "Nobody Else" and "Inta." Then, in 2014, they set about conquering dance floors further afield, launching a record label, 17 Steps, and embarking on an extensive world tour that saw them play four-hour sets in more than 30 cities. Their latest undertaking is a second album, Outer, which, as well as featuring cameos from Wiley and Gary Numan, sees the duo experiment with a more song-based approach. To promote it, they'll be touring a brand new live show. Carlos Hawthorn caught up with Harriman and Granger-Howell earlier this summer at RA's London HQ, where they discussed the roots of their restless ambition.
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      Dusky - Flo Jam Dusky - Ingrid Is A Hybrid