EX.309 Marcus Intalex

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    7 Jul 2016
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  • From drum and bass to techno with Burnley's finest.
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  • Marcus Kaye has the rare distinction of leaving a mark on both drum & bass and techno. He adopted the Trevino alias in 2011 and started producing copious amounts of sleek, minimal techno that caught the ears of Ben Klock, Appleblim and Martyn. But it's all the more remarkable when you consider Kaye's long career as Marcus Intalex, one of drum & bass's key figures. Kaye pioneered the sound in England's north, throwing parties in shady venues where calls for a rewind were literally accompanied by blasts from a sawn-off shotgun. As a producer, he nailed a middle ground between the bleak malice of techstep and the suave cool of the Good Looking catalogue, most notably with 1999's "How You Make Me Feel," a sound which proved irresistible to everyone from Grooverider to Metalheadz and Samurai Red Seal. These days, Kaye lives a double life, producing crisp and diverse strains of drum & bass for his long-running Soul:r label alongside Detroit-inflected techno for Birdie, a new imprint he set up specifically for lower-tempo material. Being able to see both sides of the coin makes for a refreshing and candid take on dance music, and in conversation with RA tech editor Mark Smith, Kaye riffs on how rave changed football hooligans in the north, the dangers of DJing drum & bass in '90s Manchester and the challenges of producing modern techno.
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      Marcus Intalex - Gripped Trevino - The Hop