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    Jan 14, 2016
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  • Live at Unsound festival, we meet one of Jersey club's leading lights.
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  • In recent years, dance music has been enriched by the emergence of localised styles on the global stage. Following genres like Chicago footwork and South African Shangaan electro, Jersey club is one of the latest sounds to enter the mix, its distinctive kick pattern influencing producers and moving dance floors around the world. It's been brewing in and around Newark for the past 15 years, and Cherise Gary, or UNiiQU3 as she's more commonly know, has become something of an international ambassador for the scene. She's well-suited to the role. UNiiQU3 belongs to a wave of artists who have taken the template laid down by foundational figures like the Brick Bandits and incorporated a new set of influences, something she confidently conveys through her high-energy DJ performances. In conversation with RA editor Ryan Keeling at the 2015 edition of Unsound festival in Kraków, UNiiQU3 explained the customs and context that make Jersey club so distinctive, and weighed in on the issue of cultural appropriation that's followed in the wake of Jersey club's rise.
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      DJ Tameil (UNIIQU3 Feat. DJ Get Em Remix) – Tek 9 Samir Debonair (UNiiQU3 remix) – Samir Theme