EX.272 Frankie Bones

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    15 Oct 2015
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  • New York's techno pioneer breaks it down.
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  • When Frankie Mitchell was a teenager in 1980s New York, it was all about writing graffiti, breakdancing and DJing. He threw his weight behind DJing and production and ended up becoming one of the city's dance music legends. Inspired by the rough-and-ready production style of hip-hop, the man best known as Frankie Bones released dance tunes that meshed perfectly with the nascent rave scene in the UK. That's where Bones ended up making his name before famously bringing the culture back with him to Brooklyn. Storm Rave, the series of events he hosted throughout the outer boroughs in the early '90s, merged the euphoria he witnessed abroad with the grit of pre-Giuliani New York. They didn't run for long, but they're infamous, and we were keen to hear the story told as only Bones himself can tell it. Jordan Rothlein caught it firsthand from Bones at Butcha Sound in New York last month.
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      Frankie Bones - Shoot This MF Frankie Bones - Crystal Clear