EX.027 Mutek

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    Apr 8, 2011
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  • RA chats with the trio behind the influential Montreal festival.
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  • In more than a decade of operation, Montreal's Mutek has firmly established itself as one of the premiere electronic music festivals in the world. That's a happy accident as much as anything. The event's creation coincided with the arrival of a number of major Canadian talents on the techno stage—Akufen and Deadbeat chief among them. As explained in our previous oral history of Mutek, many of those artists have since gone on to reside in Europe, but the festival remains, and is as vibrant as ever. We caught up with Mutek programmers Alain Mongeau, Vincent Lemieux and Patti Schmidt earlier this year to talk about the event's past, present and future.
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      Akufen - Fishtank - Revolver Deadbeat - Deep in Country - ~scape Sutekh - Untitled - Force Inc. Alva Noto - Alva Noto.z1 - Line Herbert - The Last Beat - Phonography Geeez 'N' Gosh - I Believe in Jesus - Mille Plateaux Akufen - Mary Jane Kelley - Revolver Deadbeat - Trees That Reach the Sky - C0C0S0L1DC1T1 Theo Parrish - Reaction to Plastic - Ubiquity Records Burnt Friedman - Destination Unknown - nonplace