EX.242 T. Williams

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    Mar 19, 2015
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  • Charting the thrills and spills of the UK scene with one of its key figures.
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  • UK dance music moves fast, and Tesfa Williams knows that better than most. By the time he was out of his teens, Williams had already enjoyed huge success as part of grime's first wave, only to see the whole thing crumble around him as the music mutated and audiences moved on. When he re-emerged in 2010 under the name T. Williams, after years spent honing his craft, his new house-led sound dovetailed neatly with the burgeoning UK funky movement. But by this point, Williams was operating free from any one sound or scene. He recorded a string of music for Tom Lea's Local Action label, including the smash vocal house track "Heartbeat." He eventually fell in with PMR Records, winding up touring the US with his label-mates Disclosure. These days, Williams is most interested in bringing the entire melting pot of UK club music together, which is why he started Today, Tomorrow, a label that will embrace stylistic fusions and focus on new talent. He's a proud ambassador for the UK scene, but, as he told Ryan Keeling in London recently, its thirst for innovation can come at a cost.
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      T. Williams - Afric T. Williams - Hearbeat feat. Terri Walker