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    22 Jan 2015
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  • From Paradise Garage to Berghain, the seasoned DJ tells his story.
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  • Few artists have seen club culture evolve the way Boris has. The German DJ got his start dancing to Hi-NRG in early '80s West Berlin, more than a decade before house and techno transformed the city's nightlife. In the '80s he lived in New York and got his house and disco education at The Paradise Garage and David Mancuso's Loft. He returned to Berlin in the early '90s, just as the city's techno scene was exploding. Today, all of these experiences inform his sets at Berghain, where he's been a resident since day one, and Cocktail D'Amore, a gay party he runs with the duo Discodromo. Talking at our office in Berlin with Will Lynch, Boris looked back on the early chapters of his extraordinary personal history. Photo credit: Sven Marquardt
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      Boris - REM Maurice Ravel - Bolero