EX.193 Efdemin

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    3 Apr 2014
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  • The Dial mainstay on film, art, techno and Decay.
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  • Over the past ten years or so, Phillip Sollmann, or Efdemin as you might know him, has homed in on a sound that's at once gentle, atmospheric and propulsive. The results have been inspiring. His 2007 self-titled album was a breath of fresh air, nudging dance music away from minimal and toward a smoother deep house sound. Since then his style has gotten more and more techno, but it's always kept that soothing element. This is truer than ever on Decay, which to these ears is his best record in years. Chatting at our office in Berlin, Sollman shared insights on the new album and his craft in general.
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      Efdemin - Solaris Efdemin - Parallaxis