EX.180 Ellen Allien

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    27 Dec 2013
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  • We check in with a Berlin icon.
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  • Considering her level of experience, Ellen Allien is remarkably un-jaded. She was part of Berlin's techno scene from the beginning, with residencies at E-Werk and Tresor, and spent a good chunk of the two decades since then as an international DJ. Along the way, she's watched DJ culture and Berlin's scene in particular change immeasurably. Still, it's clear that none of it has lost any allure for her. When Allien talks about music, clubs and dancing today, its with the same starry-eyed rapture you imagine she had 20 years ago as a young club kid in Berlin. We caught up with Allien recently ahead of her New Year's Eve gig at Last Night On Earth in London.
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