EX.175 The Haxan Cloak

  • Published
    22 Nov 2013
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  • A live Exchange with an emergent prince of darkness.
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  • In Excavation, Bobby Krlic, AKA The Haxan Cloak, has delivered one of the year's most striking electronic albums. The English producer's Tri Angle debut is certainly body music, but you're not likely to hear it in a nightclub. The music—stark, pitch-black and profoundly heavy—doesn't coax you to move so much as it rattles you to your core and sets you vibrating. His live set was one of the highlights of this year's Club To Club festival in Turin, and a few hours before his performance, we sat down with him in front of a live audience to chat about punishing dBs, pitch-shifting violins and how he's not sure anyone (save his mother) listens to his music while doing the washing up.
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