EX.168 Benoit and Sergio

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    Oct 4, 2013
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  • The duo talk pop, Chipotle and their complicated relationship with club music.
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  • Since they first appeared in 2009, Benoit & Sergio have been a square peg in the club scene. They're regulars on dance labels like Visionquest and Spectral Sound, and on tour they share the stage with DJs. Nonetheless, they're pop artists at heart, unsure of what they call "the tyranny of the kick drum." This tension is what makes them unique—songs like 2010's "Walk And Talk," with its cheeky lyrics about ketamine, really couldn't have come from anyone else. Earlier this summer, as they put the final touches on their long-awaited debut album, Benoit and Sergio stopped by RA's Berlin office to talk about the duality of their music.