EX.163 Critics Roundtable

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    Aug 30, 2013
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  • Mid-year report, the year of no trends and getting old.
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  • As you likely already know, RA has plenty of writers with plenty of opinions. That's why we started Critics Roundtable, a regular Exchange podcast in which we sit down with some of the site's contributors—and some guest experts—to talk about electronic music. Macro Recordings and Hard Wax's Finn Johannsen joined us in Berlin earlier this month to discuss three topics. First up, as we're now past the halfway point of the year, we dissected the albums, singles and producers we've been getting excited about so far in 2013. Next, electronic music has had its fair share of dominant trends over the last five years, but we seem to be struggling to label 2013 as the year of anything in particular. We talked about the genres that have at least been in contention for the title, and discuss why it might be more difficult for a sound or scene to really change the game in the internet era. And finally, in light of recent features with Simon Reynolds and Mr. G, we chatted about our changing relationships with dance music and club culture as we get older.