EX.152 Jon Hopkins

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    14 Jun 2013
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  • RA chats to the English production maven live at Mutek.
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  • As a trained pianist and composer, Jon Hopkins has been behind some of the more beautiful electronic albums in recent memory. His sound combines ambient and modern classical with downtempo and electronic influences. Hopkins is a renowned collaborator who enjoys a close working relationship with Brian Eno and King Creosote, and has also recorded with Coldplay. His latest LP, the excellent Immunity, sees him exploring the driving rhythms of techno more directly than ever before. The record retains his emotive qualities but places them in a more dance floor-orientated context. Hopkins is also a dynamic live performer, whether he's playing the piano or an array of synths and controllers. RA's Andrew Ryce sat down with him at Mutek in Montreal late last month to discuss his musical upbringing, his experiences with dance music and the recording of his new record.
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