EX.138 Goldie

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    8 Mar 2013
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  • The iconic UK artist talks jungle, sampling and graffiti.
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  • Such is the breadth of Goldie's career, when we spoke to him for this week's Exchange we didn't have time to discuss his seminal record label and club night Metalheadz. There also wasn't space to talk about his acting career or his celebrity status in the UK, and we barely touched on his more recent work as an artist or musician. What we did get, though, was 40 minutes inside the mind of one of electronic music's most continually fascinating characters. During his limited time with him, Joe Muggs gathered Goldie's thoughts on sampling, hip-hop, graffiti, the birth of jungle and New York in the '80s. They also discussed the working methods of Burial, as Goldie apparently has a collaboration in the works with him. Their conversation took place as Goldie gears up for the release of The Alchemist, a three-disc collection that looks back at his last 20 years in music. Thanks to Point Blank Music College in London for the use of their studio.