EX.135 Mister Saturday Night

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    15 Feb 2013
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  • The New York duo explain the soul of their craft.
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  • Eamon Harkin and Justin Carter, the duo behind Mister Saturday Night, have their own way of doing things. They've thrown more than a hundred parties in New York over the past few years, mostly at lofts and other unconventional venues. They determine every detail of every event, from booking the DJs to tweaking the sound to telling the security how to treat the crowd. Their end goal with all this can be boiled down to one simple idea: community. In their own words, Mister Saturday Night is not necessarily for the heads—it's for everybody, including people who are new to clubs and electronic music. Sometimes there are guest DJs, sometimes there aren't. Either way, the parties are packed. Meanwhile, their record label has taken off with a few strong EPs—not least Anthony Naples' "Mad Disrespect," one of RA's top tracks from last year—and Harkin and Carter have set off on their first full DJ tour of Europe. We caught up with them on the first date of the tour to talk about where Mister Saturday Night is coming from, and where it might be going.
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