EX.127 Sigha

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    14 Dec 2012
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  • Books, design and shoegaze: Inside the mind of the Berlin-based techno producer.
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  • Sigha is among a new breed of English techno producers that are taking the genre and making it their own. His highly textured work takes shoegaze, noise and other immersive music as a jumping off point for a powerful and enveloping sound. His Our Circula Sound label has helped push artists following a similar path, namely Shifted and Truss, but it's perhaps Sigha's releases on Hotflush that have gained him the most notice. Living With Ghosts, his debut album, was released this year on Scuba's imprint, and while it received rave reviews, it also caused an amount of controversy due to its racy album cover. You'll hear his explanation on why he chose it—as well as his reaction to the lengthy forum thread about the record—in this Exchange we recorded earlier this month.
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