EX.122 Derrick Carter

  • Published
    16 Nov 2012
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  • RA takes it live with the Chicago house hero.
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  • Derrick Carter does things his own way. His bompty take on Chicago house, the Classic label with Luke Solomon, his love of a cheesy sample (or two). The list goes on. What makes Carter so special, though, is that he's maintained this independent streak throughout his entire career. As he put it to us two years ago, "I have to do the work. So I'll go do the work. " We were lucky to get him then—Carter doesn't like to do interviews—and we were also lucky to catch up with him earlier this year in Amsterdam as part of a collaboration with Pitch & Sync. The event went so well that we decided to make it into a Live RA Exchange. Listen in as he talks with RA's Todd L. Burns about his many dogs, his solarium and, eventually, his lengthy career in electronic music.