EX.115 The Sight Below

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    5 Oct 2012
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  • Live at Decibel with Ghostly International's ambient shoegaze expert.
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  • Rafael Anton Irisarri records what you might call ambient shoegaze under the name The Sight Below. Those two genres have dominated his listening since his teenage years, and somehow find a perfect union on his evocatively titled albums Glider and It All Falls Apart. In addition to his work as an artist, Irisarri is also a curator. He recently began a festival called Substrata, an event which brings artists like Biosphere to the US to play intimate shows and lead outings among festivalgoers to learn how to properly make field recordings. He also offers similar expertise with booking for Seattle's Decibel Festival. That's where we caught up with him late last month as part of another edition in our Live RA Exchange series.
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