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  • Sat, 8 Oct

    DJ Noir and DJ Shannon

    DJ Noir cut her teeth as a drum & bass DJ, but now the Los Angeles DJ is also revered for championing sister frenetic genres Chicago footwork and juke through her Juke Bounce Werk imprint. Joining Noir on the Nowadays decks is Lot Radio resident DJ Shannon, who is a local club and house music maestro.
  • Fri, 30 Sep

    X-TRA.SERVICES: Juliana Huxtable / Egotot / Shyboi / Gabrielle Kwarteng / 8ULENTINA / LYDO

    What's better than a techno club? A techno club with a house music-focused side room. BASEMENT invites a trio of DJs—Juliana Huxtable, Egotot and Shyboi—who have a soft spot for bouncy techno deep cuts. The venue's new house room, Studio, brings together three more DJs—8ulentina, Lydo and (hailing from Berlin) Gabrielle Kwarteng—with varying stylistic leanings, but of equally impressive talent.
  • Thu, 29 Sep

    Body Hack: Happy Hour and After Party

    IYKYK. Body Hack returns with another event merging activism and excellent music.
  • Thu, 29 Sep

    Mesmarize & Legitime at the Ridgewood Presbyterian Church

    TBA - Ridgewood Presbyterian Church

    Record labels Mesmarize and Legitime team up for a diverse and exciting ambient showcase that really underlines how diverse the term can be, featuring rising star more eaze—in a beautiful church in Ridgewood, to boot.
  • Sat, 22 Oct

    Golden Record 6th Anniversary pt 2 w Paranoid London (LIVE) and Maayan Nidam

    TBA - New York

    For the second installment of their 6th anniversary celebrations, Golden Record invites a truly impressive combination of DJs. Come for the entrancing, heady, minimal of Mayaan Nidam and a live rendition of the acid-laden grooves Paranoid London is known for.

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