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  • BORIS & OSCAR G MAKE THEIR DEBUTS AT THE BROOKLYN MIRAGE Benny Soto, Nervous Records and Trust Us Entertainment Presents are excited to announce their lineup for Saturday, August 26th. Bringing together two of New York's most revered house music titans, Boris and Oscar G, this experienced triumvirate of promoters are using a long proven formula inside one of Brooklyn's most lauded new additions – The Brooklyn Mirage. Offering true house-heads an opportunity to indulge in over 12 hours of drum driven beats, both Boris and Oscar guarantee attendees the chance to immerse themselves in a midday journey well into the wee hours of the morning. The concept dubbed 'Heroes' will kick off at 300 PM and will undoubtedly be one for the memory books. See you on the dancefloor! BORIS - BIO There are overnight sensations, and then there’s Boris. Baptized in the booths of New York City, the Russian native learned the craft of DJ-ing in front of the most demanding crowds in the world, winning their love in the process. Now he’s taking his skills international, playing everywhere from Las Vegas to Korea, with fresh sounds in his repertoire. New productions for Dubfire’s SCI+TECH and Roger Sanchez’s Stealth labels explore where minimal techno and dance floor fireworks meet, with explosive results. You can hear it in his music: The countless nights of dance floor devastation, the appreciation for the heritage of dance music, the aggressive desire to innovate and do something new. Listen to “Foul beats,” Boris’s first track for revered techno label SCI+TECH, and it’s all right there. Add to that “in the house” on Suara along with his own releases on his own label Transmit and his Transmissions podcast that’s aired on 57 stations across 36 countries. There are overnight sensations, and then there’s Boris. Baptized in the booths of New York City, the Russian native learned the craft of DJ-ing in front of the most demanding crowds in the world, developing a deep sense of what moves a packed floor in a moment, an hour, or a full night-to-morning extended session. From early 90s to today, he’s been a resident at every major New York nightclub (including Pacha, Crobar, and Roxy), and received award nominations for his service (Club World Awards, America’s Best DJ), not to mention the adoration of dedicated fans (who boldly declare that they “Believe in Boris”). He’s also released several compilations on local label Nervous: Timeless capsules of the sounds of the city. But New York is just the beginning of the story. Boris has played regularly at clubs all over the globe, from United States hotspots like Space (Miami) and Space ( NYC) to overseas legendary venues like Womb in Japan. With appearances at festivals in Mexico, Canada and a regular at BPM (Mexico) he has also brought his particular set of skills to South America, London, Korea, Japan, and Ibiza. 2015 has seen Boris debut at NY brand new Ibiza Transplant Space Ibiza NY with 2 shows already selling out to his loyal NY fans. Now, Boris is parlaying all that international intelligence into new productions that represent a fresh musical direction. New Generation, his aptly named debut EP on SCI+TECH (the venerable underground label of legendary artist Dubfire), is deep techno with an energetic BPM: One cut of undeniable funk (“Generate”) and one of undeniable filth (“Foul Beats”), each meant to take the night to the next level. Recent releases that have topped the charts have been his “In da houz” and “BE” released on Coyu’s hot label Suara, along with “over it” out on Tool Room and “love perc” out on Carl Cox’s label Intec. Expect many more releases from Boris in the upcoming months on monster labels such as Tronic and Alleanza. Watch for news on tours, residencies, and of course, new music, through the end of 2015 and into 2016 and beyond. OSCAR G BIO If you were to get out a map and track the history of house music – with endless lines sprouting from New York, Chicago and Detroit to points all over the world – you’d have to make a big, red circle around Miami, Florida, and start drawing. Miami was never ground zero to a full-fledged subcultural movement. But it is where Oscar Gaetan, better known as Oscar G, has lived every day of his life. And that fact alone makes it a hub on the global underground. An award-winning songwriter, producer, and DJ, Oscar is one of dance music’s brightest and most enduring stars. As part of seminal production teams Liberty City, Murk, and Funky Green Dogs, he boasts hits – Billboard chart-toppers as well as underground smashes – in every decade, every trend, and every market. “Some Lovin’,” “Fired Up,” and “Dark Beat” are more than just tracks: They are moments, shared by clubbers worldwide. They’re the kind of moments Oscar still creates at Space Miami, his hometown superclub, where he’s been a resident DJ for a staggering eight years – coming full circle after a globetrotting career. Oscar and longtime friend and production partner Ralph Falcon grew up in a Miami enlivened by the fresh spirit of hip-hop. “Break dancing, graffiti and the music that went along with it: That’s really what got me into DJ-ing in the first place,” he says. By the age of 12, he was already spinning at school dances. Oscar and Ralph started working together at the end of high school, blending the sounds of their youth with the beginnings of house, like Ten City and Blaze; and the darker Euro bands of the time, like Depeche Mode and New Order. “We were always big on doing our own sound, with our own feeling and vibe in every aspect of it; from the way we mixed things to the sounds we chose,” says Oscar. “I remember being obsessed with that for years, and then people started to listen.” The early years bore some of the work for which they’re still best known, like often imitated, never duplicated vocals “Some Lovin’,” “If You Really Love Someone,” and “Reach For Me” (Tribal). Upon their release in 1993, the pair became instant superstars. “Europe kind of grabbed us,” says Oscar, so they spent a good amount of time touring overseas, eventually visiting every major and minor outpost of the global dance scene, including Zouk Singapore, Ministry Of Sound London, and Stereo Montreal. “Fired Up!” (Twisted), their biggest hit ever, followed in 1996. It topped the Billboard Dance chart, and even cracked the Top 100, peaking at No. 80. They would go on to remix countless major pop artists, from Madonna to Cher to Donna Summer; and appear on mainstream outlets like MTV and Top Of The Pops. The boys also cut two complete Funky Green Dogs albums for major label MCA, “Star” (1999) and “Super California” (2001). But their own measures of success were still decidedly underground: “Once Junior Vasquez played our records at Sound Factory [in New York], we felt like we could retire, and at that point we were like 20,” says Oscar. In March 2000, Space opened in downtown Miami with Oscar as the Saturday night resident, just as the world was paying its annual visit for Winter Music Conference. The club – with its cavernous main room, pummeling German sound system and nitrogen blasts – was the talk of dance world, and the legend of Oscar’s residency began to grow. The year 2003 was a big one. Oscar released the “Live @ Space” (Star 69) compilation, and won the Club World Award for “Best Resident DJ” (which he won again in 2007). Murk set a new Billboard Dance chart record, with five No. 1’s in a single year: Four singles from their self-titled artist album on Tommy Boy Records, and “Dark Beat” (Twisted), tribal house’s first real vocal anthem, which found its way from dance floors onto mainstream radio. “We came up with ‘Dark Beat’ in about 15 minutes. Whenever things come that quickly, you know there’s something to them,” says Oscar. “But we didn’t think radio or anthem; we were thinking more like, ‘Oh man, Danny Tenaglia’s gonna be all over this!’” In 2006, Oscar became one of Pacha New York’s only non-NY-based monthly residents, strengthening his bond with his home-away-from-home, and its rich dance history. He released a second installment in the Space series in 2007, starting new relationships with Nervous Records in the U.S. and CR2 in the U.K. CR2 also snapped up the Murk catalog, and commissioned new remixes of the classic tracks, including Paul Woolford’s takes on “If You Really Love Someone” and “Reach For Me.” And in 2008, after nearly two decades making music, Oscar released out his first solo album, “Innov8” (Nervous). In 2012 Oscar released a mixed CD “Beats” on Nervous Records and working with his Murk partner Ralph Falcon produced one of the undergrounds anthem of 2012 – Amame – which was released worldwide on Defected. He and Ralph also re-activated the seminal label Murk Records. Even though his passion for music creation is undeniable, it’s in his DJ booth where Oscar feels most at home. “On the music side, I’ve felt pretty energized lately, because the changes in the industry really enable you to be a lot more experimental and take more chances,” he says. “But DJ-ing to me always comes first: I really believe in it as an art form. Having a residency like Space, with a regular crowd, it’s the ultimate.” While Oscar’s appearances at Space Miami have become quarterly, he currently has a monthly residency at Space Ibiza NY, and these nights have emerged as one of the highlights of the New York nightlife landscape. He has also had several high impact nights at Output in Brooklyn, including a marathon session on New Year’s 2015. Oscar’s new album “Beep My Boom” is a double mixed CD that contains the distinctive beats-drivin’ flavor that defines his recent DJ appearances. The album contains all original material, and includes collaborations with DJ Sneak, Kenny Dope, Pablo Fierro, Lazaro Casanova, Styke, Oba Frank Lords, Byron Stingily, Katiahshe and Seri. ACE ALVAREZ BIO New York City based DJ & producer Ace Alvarez has become one of the more recognizable names in electronic music within the last decade. Priding himself on creating a unique musical experience with an intense and relentless vibe, which can only be just that - experienced. Growing up in Queens, New York, Ace Alvarez was inherently surrounded by diverse genres of music; from the latin vibes that were an integral part of his Argentine family’s lifestyle to the mainstream hip hop that populated the local airwaves. The eclectic grooves infused creativity in young Ace, and would serve as the musical foundation that would culminate in the aspiring DJ/Producer he is today. Ace found himself immersed in the NYC club scene at the height of the “Golden Era” of dance, and he frequented nostalgic mainstays the likes of Tunnel, Exit, Discotheque, Sound Factory, Crobar, and Twilo. These experiences, albeit lots of fun, nurtured his young musical palate, and fostered a perpetual hunger to learn more about the different sounds and cultures of music. Since 2009, Ace has tempered his skills via his live performances at numerous hot spots throughout the tri-state area (NY/NJ/CT), including one of the most relevant clubs in all north America at the moment, Output in Brooklyn, newest mega club, Space Ibiza NY, as well as legendary clubs such as Cielo and the world-renowned Pacha NYC. He held residency at the infamous Liquid Vibe for over a year until it’s closing, System and numerous other places. Although he’s been known to play alongside more distinguished individuals in major venues, his unique style and energetic sets have also created a buzz in the local after-hours house scene. His impeccable rhythm serves as a catalyst in creating a distinctive techno sound that resonates to the feel of the respective crowd. "Watching the crowd dance to my music and have a great time gives me a feeling of euphoria!" Without a doubt, Ace’s dedication to his music and his relentless spirit for growth have him poised for a promising future. THIS EVENT IS RAIN OR SHINE. If you have bought a "Before 6 pm" ticket and arrive after 6 pm you will be charged a surcharge in the amount of the difference between $30.00 and the door price.
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