Let's Discult #5 - Open Air

  • After an amazing first edition, the Let's Discult crew is organising another one of their Open Air, for a long afternoon of Sun & Fun under the sign of good music! On the dancefloor, we have put together a special B2B line up with DJs of various horizons which will bring a special energy with colourful music, deep vibes and punchy beats! For this special event, there will also be a marketplace where we have gathered artists and music lovers who will join us for this new adventure and showcase their creativity t - Kanet's vinyl will put his golden collection out with a selection of groovy beats and funky treasures. - The Valley Bights Vintage Shop joined the rank, bringing dope ass vintage, straight outta the american west - neon and navajo, hip-hugging denim and flowy pants, baseball caps and bolo ties, and everything in between, all sourced from new mexico, colorado, nevada, arizona, and cali. - Rathaus Dürüm is a young culinary artist duo. They'll make you discover their 100% edible paints, made from fresh vegetables, homemade breads, vegetable milks, and aromatic herbs. - Caipivarinha is an itinerant bar spontaneously made by friends. Their ultimate agenda is to tropicalize Berlin with their crazy colours and refreshing drinks. - Bonie is a French graphic designer and illustrator based in Berlin. Working mostly on paper, she also screen print her illustrations and typography works. The adventure that’s Berlin is a surrounding inspiration. - Agape Massage will introduce you to the magical sensations of Lomi Lomi massages by offering Hawaian massages which will relax your body and soul. ...and a few more contributors will be announce soon… Stay tuned and see you on September 2nd!
  • Let's Discult #5 - Open Air - Flyer front