A Thing Heard // Four Ways of Listening // Sonic Arts Exhibition

  • Venue
    • Gottlieb-Dunkel-Straße 43/44, 12099 Berlin, Germany
  • Date
    27 Aug 2017
    Sun 20:00 - Tue 23:00
  • Attending
    • 6
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    Jordan Edge // Jordan Edge is a Brighton-based sound artist, sound designer, and performer. Edge's practice communicates the act of listening over time, and listening as a process to develop greater un- derstanding of our environmental and sonic surroundings. In his most recent work, Edge has been experimenting with industrial fans to manipulate the medium through which sound trav- els, creating reactive sound environments that explore the physical and psychological effects of noise on the human body. Edge was the recipient of the Seoul Award of Excellence for his most recent installation work, Acclimate. Edge also produces music under the alias Red Hook Grain Terminal with future releases confirmed on Always Human Tapes (US) and Audio.Visuals. Atmosphere (BE). Web: Soundcloud: Instagram: r_h_g_t ----------------------------------------------------------- Joseph Higgins // Joseph Higgins is Mostly known through his DJ and production work under artist names Metrist and L.SAE. After breaking onto the scene in 2014, Higgins has performed inter- nationally and released work on labels such as Opal Tapes (UK), Fifth Wall (US), Parachute Records (IT), and Osiris Music (UK). Higgins cites his influences Mostly from the world of acousmatic, electro-acoustic music, and musique concrète; this is evident in both his electro-acoustic compositions, and more club-focussed work. Alongside his work as Metrist, Higgins has been developing his sound art practice, experimenting with multi-channel arrays and exploring the embodiment of the voice into sculptural objects. Higgins continues to release records as Metrist, with two 12” vinyl releases scheduled for 2017 alone. Web: Soundcloud: ----------------------------------------------------------- Joshua Legallienne // Through sculpture and performance, Joshua Legallienne explores the sonic qualities of everyday materials; focusing on the creation of high-fidelity sound without the use of loudspeakers, electronics, or conventional sources of
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  • A Thing Heard: Four Ways of Listening is a collaborative tour showcasing the work of four contemporary British artists working in the field of sound art. The artists have curated a collection of sculptural artworks that use sound as the primary medium, exploring the inherent materiality and physicality of sound through a range of media, working methods, and outcomes. The works utilise both conventional and unconventional methods of sound production; combining high-tech electronics (loudspeakers, computers, sensors, surface transducers) and customised sculptural elements (wood, rope, sheet metal, bioplastics, carbonated liquids, pyrotechnics) to demonstrate four distinct ways of working with sound in an artistic discipline.
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