Test Card 2nd Birthday: Monolake - Surround

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    Monolake - Surround, Nick Kagame, Simon Tonk
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  • Test Card 2nd Birthday ------------------------------------------------------------------ 28th October @Texture - 11pm - 4am Monolake - Surround Support: Nick Kagame, Simon Tonk Following on from the superb first birthday last year, were the Test Card project invited Berlin-based artist Moomin, to perform live for the first time in the UK, we are extremely happy to announce that after an eleven year absence from Manchester, the Test Card project will be Hosting one of Leading software designers and Electronic music pioneers in the world to celebrate our second birthday. From one of the of the original creators of Ableton Live - one of the leading live performance software used around the world, The Monolake project presents an improvised, spontaneous, live performance in the spirit of Berlin techno paired with influences ranging from academic computer music to UK dubstep, from classical minimal music to drone and noise. Having started as part of the legendary Basic Channel / Chain Reaction group and ever since releasing exclusively on Robert Henke’s own imbalance computer music label, Monolake Live is an ongoing exploration of sound, shape and structure. Support on the night will come from the very talented Manchester based music selectors, Nick Kagame and Simon Tonk. See you there :) p.s Tickets are extremely limited, as this is an intimate space. Grab them while you can.
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