Dance For Hope: So Solid Crew, Footsie, Jamz Supernova and More

  • Party to classic grime, hip-hop and UK garage at this fundraiser for Hope Project, a Greece-based organisation that supports displaced children and adults.
  • Hope Project is based in Thessaloniki, Greece and their mission is to equip and empower displaced children and adults through informal, creative educational programmes. Hope Project is a safe environment and platform where these children and adults can develop and contribute towards the project, society and their own future. The organisation is up and running but really needs help and that’s why we’re putting on ‘Dance For Hope’. All proceeds of ticket sales will go to Hope Project and to help us make this an unforgettable night we have: • SO SOLID CREW • FOOTSIE • CAPO LEE • DANIEL OG • STEPH SEEKS • LIVIN' PROOF • JD REID • FAZE MIYAKE • EMERALD • JAMZ SUPERNOVA • ELLIE PROHAN With hosts on the night... • JULIE ADENUGA • JYOTY Join us on August 11th to dance for a good cause and let’s make this night a huge success. There will be Hope Project merchandise being sold on the night and donation buckets throughout the venue. TELL A FRIEND TO TELL A FRIEND AND LET’S DANCE FOR HOPE. 18+ Right of admission reserved. 21:00-04:00
  • Dance For Hope: So Solid Crew, Footsie, Jamz Supernova and More - Flyer front