Unter x Gegen: XXX-Traween

  • Venue
    TBA - New York
    • To Be Announced, New York
  • Date
    Fri, 27 Oct 2017
    23:59 - 12:00
  • Promoters
    Gegen BerlinUnter
  • Attending
    • 275
  • --== v select tickets will be available at the door for a v select crowd ==-- UNTER X GEGEN A-CUTE REHAB Adult Inpatient/Outpatient Facility Ridgewood, NY FOREIGN BODY REMOVAL DEPT. INPATIENT/OUTPATIENT REQUEST FORM DATE OF ADMIT: 10/27/17 TIME OF ADMIT: 2AM EMERGENCY ADMIT? __ ELECTIVE/COSMETIC ADMIT?_X_ REASON(S) FOR VISIT: Exploratory identification and summary removal of deeply lodged normative objects and hierarchical structures from your bodies and minds. Holistic, communally cathartic healing technologies performed to guide you toward sexual and political self-actualization. Cultivation of personal truths through elective cosmetic body procedures and group-affective choreography. DOCTORZ ON STAFF: INPATIENT SERVICES Katie Rex, OBGYN (Bound, NYC) Nita Aviance, ENT (The Carry Nation) Volvox, Ph.D. (Unter, NYC) Karina Qanir, M.D. (Gegen, Berlin) OUTPATIENT SERVICES A Village Raid, R.N. (Dreamhouse, NYC) Shaun J. Wright, N.P. (Twirl, Chicago) Savile, P.A. (Argot, Chicago) Joey Quiñones, Proctology (NYC) REGISTRATION & ORIENTATION Fabio Boxikus, Medical Office Manager (Gegen, Berlin) FACILITY RULES (FAC-R): Fetish attire strongly suggested. Violators may be subject to higher facility use fees. Please avoid bulky costumes or dangerous props that may take up space or injure or inconvenience other facility visitors. Remember, as for all Unter fetish-wear occasions, Manhattan's Purple Passion store will be offering 10% off to all Unter shoppers. FACILITY USE FEES (FAC-U-F): Members: $35.00-$45.00 Walk-ins: $50.00 Walk-ins w/o proper attire: $60.00+++ Unter fetish-wear parties offer no guest list or discounted ticket lists. Coat check will be available for a $3.00 fee. FACILITY CODE OF CONDUCT (FAC-COC): § Our A-Cute Rehab Facilities strive to be a SAFE SPACE where CONSENT and RESPECT are necessary to Unter. § Please keep your phones in your pockets at all times; *absolutely* no photography or videos will be allowed. § Respect our facility! Do not willfully damage or compromise the space or its guests and employees in any manner. § No smoking upstairs in the Outpatient Facility! There are plenty of other places to light up. § Harassment of any kind will NOT be tolerated—this includes verbal, physical, and sexual, both inside and outside the space. **Please remember, a ticket does not guarantee entry.** Respectfully yours, Mgmt
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