Marbs, Lubelski b2b RYBO & Bathhouse

  • Marbs // Desert Hearts Coined Desert Hearts "papa bear" Marbs’ musical talents and humble dj presence commands any dance floor with his sounds of mystical darkness and whimsical tribal rhythms; the night sky is the limit for this King of Darkness. With a sound like no other, a heart of gold, and a determination matched by few, Marbs is sure to lead this movement of love until the very happy end. Lubelski // Room Temp | Desert Hearts | Nervous Lubelski is the moniker of West Coast born-and-bred producer whose proclivity for absurd, groovy and often times satircal sounds has landed him nicknames like "Psychadelic Tech Prince," "The Bringer of Vibes," and "Little Lubes." His taste for mind-altering beats has garnered him releases with Desert Hearts and Nervous, as well as placed him on billings across the West Coast circuit. RYBO // Room Temp | Desert Hearts If there’s anyone who knows how to throw the dance floor into complete mayhem, it’s Los Angeles-based DJ RYBO. The young, up-and-coming house prodigy has been a staple member of the Desert Hearts family for the past three years, taking part in not only the festival itself, but also a number of one-off parties, showcases, and City Hearts tour stops. BathHouse // Tendancies Co-curator of Los Angeles queer underground Tendencies. Deep, heavy sounds from the Bathhouse.
  • Marbs, Lubelski b2b RYBO & Bathhouse - Flyer front