Diacritic Collective & Housepitality Host Esther Silex (Studio Barnhus)

  • Diacritic Collective and Housepitality are teaming up for a special Thursday night knees up party with Esther Silex, a rising star from within the Studio Barnhus clan. This special guest will be an SF debut and a rare opportunity to catch a rising talent from the well respected Studio Barnhus crew. She is a deejay extraordinaire, Colognian woman-about-town and very dear new addition to the Studio Barnhus family. She has an unquestionable status as an impassioned powerhouse with enough West German swagger to create timeless music with equal parts simplicity and beauty. The Diacritic Collective, represented by Chvck and Petko Nikolov are on support duties. They just returned from a mini tour in Europe with fresh records and nice tans.