Drumcode Halloween 2017

  • Adam Beyer presents… Drumcode Halloween Saturday 28th October 2017 12:00pm - 10:30pm (last entry 6pm) Tobacco Dock, London A new dimension. An uprising of the infamous & the disaffected. A lone kick-drum in the dark... More names announced If our 1st Announcement made the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end, wait until you see what treats we have to put the heebie-jeebies up you! Adam Beyer and LWE Present Drumcode Halloween 2nd Artist Announcement… Crazed carny Alan Fitzpatrick likes bass. And carving knives. That wicked grin hides all manners of nasty thoughts. There’s no deciding which underworld Alan will take you with his set, but it’s always relentless. It came from outer space! Ilario Alicante is the cold-blooded reptilian soldier with a penchant for dark, brooding techno. His intergalactic weaponry is more advanced than human technology, and guarantees dancefloor destruction. Don’t be fooled by his earnest smile and charismatic charm, Layton Giordani has ulterior motives. He is the cult-like leader of New York-based sect, the New Church of Techno. And he’s looking for recruits to brainwash! Half-man, half-bull. Matador was given a barbaric ultimatum: serve eternity in purgatory. Or pay penance by assuming the anthropomorphic features of the beast. His hooved hands are surprising good at working hardware. But avoid his gore. Beware the veiled Lady! Maya Jane Coles is a practitioner of witchcraft. Outcasted from society and forced to live on the margins, she’s vowed revenge by casting a spell on Tobacco Dock and all who inhabit it. Join her Coven and be spared eternal damnation! 
Watch 2016 video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDYUuwEVJ4U

 Tickets 1st Release – £29.50 +BF SOLD OUT 2nd Release – £35.00 +BF SOLD OUT 3rd Release - £39.50 +BF SOLD OUT 4th Release - £45.00 +BF SOLD OUT 5th Release - £49.50 +BF SOLD OUT VIP 1st Release - £50.00 +BF SOLD OUT VIP 2nd Release - £65.00 +BF SOLD OUT 
VIP tickets include 
- Fast track entry via a separate VIP / guestlist queue (you MUST enter via this queue to pick up your wristband)  
- Entrance to the VIP rooms with comfy seating and a cash bar (tokens not needed) 
- Bar with cocktails, champagne & premium spirits  
- Separate lockers (cloakroom)  
- More toilets for less people! 
T&Cs: www.lwe.events/terms-and-conditions
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