Iminente Festival

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    28th July : 2pm - 10pm DJ GLUE, SHAKA LION, DJ BIG, FRANCIS DALE, SLOW J 28th July: 10pm - 3am DJ RIDE, DJ KKING KONG, Batida, DJ Nigga Fox and + TBA 29th July: 2pm - 10pm DJ GLUE, DJ GIG, CACHUPA PSICADÉLICA, CHULLAGE, HALLOWEEN 29th July: 10pm - 3am SUCURU FITCHADU , Novelist, Rita Maia & GUESTS, LYARAAH & BIRU, LV & JOSHUA IDEHEN, DJ Firmeza ARTISTIC INTERVENTIONS BY: Add Fuel, AKA Corleone, Andre da Loba, Ben Eine, Bordalo II, Conor Harrington, Draw & Contra, Halfstudio, Mais Menos, Mar, Pixel Pancho, Sick Boy, The Caver, Vhils, Wasted Rita
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  • IMINENTE is an immmersive two-day festival bringing the sould of Lisbon to the heart of London. It started one year ago, under the curatorship of VHILS. IMINENTE was created with the mission to celebrate the flourishing multicultural creative atmosphere that is permeating Lisbon.The 3-day journey was a statement of raw expression and artistic provocation. This time around, the line-up represents the musicians and artists on the vanguard of the city's culture. They are the ones willing to push their art forms in new directions. They challenge, question, expose and explore. Everything that will happen at IMINENTE will be new, fresh, unpublished, experimental. It will feel exciting, energetic, transient, course;shifting. There will be nothing else like it and we want you to live it with us. Immerse yourself in this unique display of intense collective intimacy, celebrating the explosive, urban, vital, ephemeral and unpredictable nature of creativity in Lisbon.
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